Somebody Needs You

What follows is a picture of the “New” Godmothers.  There’s a book coming out soon that will direct you on how to start a “New” Godmother group at your church, but until then, let me give you a better look into this new prayer endeavor.

Many women today are raising kids/teens while working and trying to keep a family together. They often get by with little support, financial or otherwise.  Even if the woman is married, the discipline of the kids usually falls to her.

In fact, we probably all know of someone like this who is too busy, stressed or aggravated with her kids to pray for them. She’s too overwhelmed with life, frustrated with her child’s attitude, smart mouth, and/or bad choices, to intercede for her family.

On top of that, kids today face issues that some of us cannot even imagine.  For example, when I was growing up, alcohol was the biggest demon of young people.  Today, they face problems like abortion, drug experimentation, bullying/cyberbullying, depression, pornography, self harm, sexual abuse and suicide.

This is a good picture of the women and kids that the “New” Godmothers will be praying for. They will come from every walk of life and some may not know right from wrong as scriptures teach.

Trust me, some mother and some child is waiting just for you!  As you talk to the mom tell her you would be honored to pray for her and the family for a breakthrough in their situation. You can be a spiritual Godmother to them until the situation changes or for as long as you both want.  I guarantee that most mothers facing these trying situations will be overwhelmed by the love of God you portray and jump at the chance to give you her kids’ names and tell you more about what she is going through

As we go further in our blog, I’ll present some prayer ideas and actual prayers you can use during this time, as well as lots of other information to encourage you in fulfilling your spiritual destiny.

This is going to be an exciting journey, and I look forward to your thoughts.

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